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Slimming Body Wrap

Skin tissue toning, skin softness and the other wrap benefits will be noticed after only one treatment, but when the client has repeat treatments scheduled 4 or 5 days apart, benefits multiply! If a client has cellulite, it will take 4 or 5 full body wrap treatments to soften that hardened fat before clients are pleased with the long-lasting benefits.

  • Toxin Cleanse
  • 4”-15” all over inch loss with One Wrap
  • Increase look of Muscle Tone

What to expect is wear cotton underwear/ boxer briefs, and bra.  Bring an extra pair with you due to the ones used for the wrap will be saturated.  Cloth Wraps soaked and warmed in Aloe and Herbs are then wrapped around the legs, glutes, torso and arms.  A warming process is then started to allow your pores to open and absorb the herbs that break down the fat cells and toxins.

Clients usually add a Reflexology or All About Face Massage during the warming process.